Jonathan Holst

Picture of me smiling

Photo of me from August 2015, taken by Kasper Løjtved.

Born on 11 April 1989, I am 27 years old. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe.

My interests include computers (mainly on the software part, and mostly on the web based software part), sports (mainly association football), typography, language (mainly the English one, although certain aspects of my mother tongue fascinate me), and my lovely wife, Mia.

I am a very thorough and focused person if I put my mind to it. This has lead me to an extensive knowledge and understanding of web based programming and lingual constructions amongst others. I am also a bit of a perfectionist, and I will complain if something I participate on does not meet my standards.

Currently I'm working as a web developer for Sportcaster. We're making video tools for grassroots association football, and I'm doing web development there.

Contact me at contact at, should you have any enquiries.

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